Help translate a knit stitch pattern

I found this online. I would like to do this on a hat. Does anyone know russian or know how to knit this pattern?

I don’t know Russian. Sorry …

Go to BabelFish and imput the URL for an online translation. Hope that helps a bit …

I’m thinking :thinking:
Could this be the pattern??


I don’t know Russian. Sorry …

Go to BabelFish and imput the URL for an online translation. Hope that helps a bit …[/quote]

the text is in a picture. I don’t think a translater will work for that., but will try it out.

I’m thinking :thinking:
Could this be the pattern??


Unfortunatley it is not. She did scan the key, but I can’t quite make it out. Here’s a link to the page. I am going to experiment in the meantime.


How about Broken Rib? :??
Sorry I’m not much help :frowning:

I think i got it. Wait a sec…

sorry, just tested it and it’s not working at all! I don’t even know the stitches they are using! I downloaded the chartkey and made it bigger, but that doesn’t help much, since I haven’t seen these before…
They somehow look like slipping stitches or yarn-overs to me.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, she has some knitting terms translated already. You just need to have a translator to have the right symbols and “should” be able to match them up with what’s in the scanned photos. I am going to try and put a translator on my comp later as I am interested in this as well. I think it would be cool to make a swatch out of it.

Beldie is great isn’t she???

I know I should just keep quiet and not say anything, but copyright violations make me extremely uncomfortable. :frowning:

This thread is actually the kind of thing that Amy was talking about in her sticky thread about posting pictures:

The first image that has been posted to this thread does not belong to any us. It is taken from a third party website (which in turn took it directly from a Russian book).

What it means is that Amy is now hosting a stolen image on, and Amy is therefore liable if the image owner notices that their picture has been stolen and takes exception. In this case the image owner is actually the Russian author of the book (not the website owner), and perhaps no-one will notice. But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a copyright violation and it’s unethical.

This image theft stuff is the kind of stuff that could get Amy into serious SERIOUS trouble (if not with this image, then with the next).

After all the stuff Amy went through with the “free patterns” saga, we as posters really should be more sensitive to this issue. She provides us with a wonderful discussion forum and helpful videos. In return, the least we can all do is to try not to get her into any trouble.

I’m sorry if I am coming across as a total b$#ch here, but I’d rather post this than see Amy get into any trouble. Even if you don’t personally think it’s a big deal to steal images from books or external websites and to involve Amy in this by posting those images here, there are a significant number of authors, webmasters and website owners out there on the net who DO think it’s a big deal, and those people actually have copyright law on their side. If they decide to get heavy about it, they’ll go after Amy because she owns this site.

I apologize to all the posters on this thread for sidetracking it and for being a cow about this issue. It’s just a bit weird to see this image theft stuff still happening despite Amy’s advice being pinned at the top of this forum:

If the OriginalPoster has the permission of the copyright owner to be posting the image to this forum, then I apologize in advance.

Propriety issues asside, I went to the orrigioal web-site via the link.

I can, in time, translate this, as studying Russian is a pet project of mine (German would have been so much easier to decipher!). It takes my mind off my music homework :slight_smile:

The label at the top is nothing more exciting, as far as I can tell, than “Patern #4” or something to that nature. Not terribly helpful.

Using other, more time-efficient detective skills, it looks similar to a fisherman’s rib. A test knit and comparison looked very close.

Fisherman’s Rib:
Over an odd number of stitches;
R1 (right side): P1, *k1b, p1, rep from * to end
R2:Sl1, *p1, k1b, rep to last two stiches, p1, k1

where k1b is knit one below: insert right needle into the center of the stitch below and knit as usual.

Another Fisherman’s Rib pattern:
Over an even number of stitches;
R1 (wrong side): P to end
R2: P1, *k1b, p1, rep from * to last st, p1.

Darn it, now I’m all thinking about Russian again :slight_smile: I’d put it down for a while and now I’m all thinking about that fabulous, funny alphabet.

That is about as far as I could get. I did get slip & yarn over from her translated page. Other than that I get nothing but gibberish using a translator. Either I am not getting the letters correct or knitting terms aren’t available in the translator I am using.

I am going to take a break & work on another project. I usually like such a challenge but I am not really feeling well, so my stubborness isn’t up to it’s usual level.

Hey Perced … I think I really found it this time…
Look here

What do you think? :thinking: :??

Ooh, that could be it. I will have to try it with two colors. Hopefully I will get a chance tomorrow. :cheering:

Excellent detective work Ek!

Mind if I give you another assignment?

I’ll keep my eyes open for ya! :wink:

:heart: Ekgheiy :heart:

Perced, have you started that swatch yet? I want to see!

No, I had dance class w/ hubby last night. My son is home sick for the third day, :frowning: so I will watch some cartoons and try the swatch.