HELP - Tracing through a pattern

I just picked up an old knitting project, but have lost the pattern sheet (I guess I thought I would remember it…). I wrote down shorthand notes and tracked what row I was on, but I’m struggling to figure out what I was doing on each row.

I think I might have been using a k2-p2-k2-p2… At some point. I also might have done an edge pattern. The yarn is thick and fluffy so I’m struggling to decipher each row. Any ideas what it could be? Or ideas for a pattern that might at least look similar?

Thanks so much!

WOW!!! That yarn is really thick and furry! Makes it hard to see anything. Your notes on the yellow paper makes me thing you might be doing something like this:

Row 1 - Knit across
Row 2 - Knit across
Row 3 - Purl across
Row 4 - Purl across

And keep doing that over and over. It’s hard to tell exactly what’s going on without being able to poke around on it in person.

Hope u get it figured out!!


To me it looks like basketweave worked over two stitches

Row1: k2 p2 across
Row 2: k2 p2 across
Row 3: p2 k2 across
Row 4: p2 k2 across

It’s hard to tell, though.