Help -- too many stitches?

So, uh. I’m doing a pair of socks (which really is somewhat above my knitting ability level, but I never said I was sane snicker), and I’m doing the heel increase. I’ve been doing it on three DPNs (well, four, I suppose); the top of the foot is all on one needle, and has a pattern thingie that repeats every ten rows, and the bottom of the foot is split over two needles, and it’s been more or less okay … until now.

The instructions call for increasing, at the beginning of needle 2 and end of needle 3 (well, one stitch in from beginning/end, but never mind that), every other row. I’ve got it so that the increase rows for needles 2 and 3 match up with the even-numbered rows of the 10-row pattern on needle 1.

…and I’ve done 11 rows, but needles 2/3 each have six more stitches than they started with, rather than five.

I’m guessing that somewhere I did an increase on an odd row as well as the surrounding even rows. I have no idea /where/. And now I have two problems: one, I’m going to end up two rows short; and two, I have NFI what to do for the other sock of the pair. If I do the second sock according to pattern, it’ll be two rows longer. If I deliberately try to duplicate the error, it won’t look the same since I don’t know exactly where the error happened. If I add two non-increase rows to the end of the increase section of the first sock, and do the second sock in pattern, they’ll be the same length, but they won’t look the same. If I add two non-increase rows to the end of the increase section of the first sock, and try to duplicate the error (including additional rows) on the second sock, it’ll probably look funny, and I’m likely to mess it up further.

…help? :doh:

To be perfectly honest, I’d knit two together at the end of the rows where you have too many and pretend it never happened. But that’s just me.:shrug:

I’m very interested in what sort of sock pattern you are using. The ones I use call for decreases at the heel - except when you pick up the stitches along the edge of the back flap of the heel. Then you decrease every other row. Once you’ve decreased to the proper number, you knit around till you get to the toe.

Do I assume you started at the toe and now you’re knitting towards the ankle??

Ver-rry innnnterrresting.

I’d leave it and not worry about it, just continue on. You can do an extra row w/out increases to get your row count where it needs to be. Don’t worry so much when you’re doing sock 2 to make it match, just try to stay to the directions. The difference in the 2 socks will be so slight, you’d need to really examine them closely to find the difference/error. Who is going to be examining your socks that closely??

Afterall, they are socks and will be on your feet and in shoes. it’s not going to be noticable.