HELP! Too Big!h

I just finished the fair isla hat from Knit Picks. It turned out really big! If I dampened it and put it in the dryer, would that help shrink it or turn it into a huge mess? I don’t want to felt it just make it a tad smaller. I think my problem is that I knit really loosely because I didn’t want the fair isle part to pull in.

depends on what it is made of…if it is acrylic it really isn’t going to change much. if it is wool or something like that it will likely shrink but you could end up felting it too if you aren’t careful.

It’s KP’s Merino Style. I don’t want it to felt, just shrink! Will this work?

I would not put it in the dryer! Is it too wide or too long? If it is too wide, all over or just around the forehead?


It’s too big all over! It comes down too low and it’s baggy.

If you really truly can’t wear it and don’t want to frog it and are willing to risk it, try some controlled “fulling,” which will most likely shrink the hat but not so much that it loses stitch definition. I’ve saved a couple of hats this way. (And shrunk one so badly I gave it to a kid.)

Fill the sink with hot water and a drop of shampoo or Eucalan. Put on rubber gloves. Slosh and rub the hat in the hot water for a few minutes (not too gently – you’re mimicking the washing machine’s agitator), then dunk it into a pan of very cold water. Do this shock treatment two or three times, until you feel the hat just beginning to get smaller and thicker. Squeeze it out (don’t wring) and roll it in a thick towel. Then put the damp hat on your head and stretch it into shape. With any luck it will fit. If it’s still too big, full it a bit more. When it’s approximately the right size, put it on your head again and let it dry. If it feels short, keep pulling it down. Drying will take several hours so do it on a bad hair day when you don’t need to be seen in public.

Thanks Knitasha!
I’ll try that this weekend!