Help to understand term in knitting wizard for sleeve increase


I have a question regarding an instruction that says (sleeve increase child sweater_

Inc 1 st on each side every 2nd rw 6x (first row is a knit row)



Increase every other row at each end. That’ll be 2 increase sts per increase row. If you call the first inc row, row 1 then you would inc on rows 1,3,5,7,9 and 11.


Thank you Knitting wonderwoman.

Just don’t understand why the instructions didn’t say “Inc 1
st each end of row every knit row 6x” and provide total
stitches___, guess my brain is a bit dyslexic.

Carolyn in snowy Eastern Sierra of California


The instructions could equally well have been written that way. It could be the designer’s choice or an editor’s. Enjoy finishing the project!