Help to understand my pattern

hi i am kintting a coat for premature babies and i have been follwing 4 rows in sequence to make a wide rib pattern which is
R1 p3 k2 rep from to last 6 sts p6
R2 k6 p2 k3 rep from to end
R3 p3 t2 rep from to last 6sts p6
R4 k6 *p2 k3 rep from * to end
then i followed this for 25 more rows leaving me on R1
and then i k6 *p2 k1 k2tog rep from * to end which is like R2
which decreced it from 31sts to 26 and i am now told to work in narrow rib with rolled front
and then told to cast of 2 sts work to end now i am unsure as to weather i try and follow the pattern and do R3 or if i should just knit the whole row but the instructions say after this that the next row will be R4 (work 1 row ) but if i was to follow the pattern and i asume to keep the rolled front i would have to keep the p6 at the end i would have to purl the cast offs which wont work because the twist wont follow on and my ruin my pattern
help me please !!!

You follow the pattern, but you can’t start from the normal first stitch on the row. Learn to read the pattern in your knitting and you’ll see how to knit the knit sts and purl the purl sts even after you’ve decreased some of them.