Help to translate uk pattern to us pattern

I would really appreciate it if someone could translate the pattern found on The patterns are for 2 evening bags. One gold and one is 2 shades of brown. I was able to translate some of it but it said to crochet the belt of the bag until it is 1.15cm. which can’t possibly be correct. If someone could help me I’d really appreciate it. Thank you.

That would be about ½", perhaps it’s made the long way where you chain a couple hundred and work the width.

Thank you for replying. The pattern says to ch 10 and one ch for turning, then work in open rows until it measures 1.15 cm altogether. This is the belt part of the purse so it can’t be just half an inch. I thought maybe I was reading it wrong. Would you be able to go to the website and see what you think? Thank you , Susan

It may be a typo then and meant to be 1.15 m or 40" which sounds about right for a strap.

I can’t find the pattern, the link goes to a collection site for links and search doesn’t turn up anything. If you can post a direct link to the actual pattern that would help. Linking should be enabled for you now.

Thanks again for the reply. The website is
I hope this helps. I just tried it and it now comes up.

Yes, it’s a typo. I just read through the pattern for the gold-colored evening bag.

The strap needs to be long enough to go around your waist or (if you prefer) just below your waist. Depending on your own measurements, this could be 115 cm (= 1.15 m) or maybe a little more. Consult a tape measure with both common and metric units on it to be sure; it would be too bad to put in a lot of work and not have the bag fit! :hair:


Thank you so much for your help. I thought I was translating it wrong. :cheering: What about the yarn? Do you have any idea where to get comparable yarn.?

An Internet search on the string “Anchor Artiste Metallic” shows that this yarn/thread is widely available in Great Britain. Perhaps you can email one of the shops in the U.K. and ask their advice?


Ahh, a completely different site than I was getting before, but it’s still the front page and not a direct link to the pattern. It’s easier to just click on the actual link than to go searching for it.