Help to identify yarn please

Hi. I’m trying to locate a yarn but not having any luck. It’s just an acrylic I think and it looks like bulky or super bulky. My grandson chose this hat whilst in Florida having treatment. The hat has gone missing but has sentimental value. His health is doing great but he loves the hat. Can anyone help me trace what yarn it is then I can purchase some to knit him a replacement hat.

Oops, sorry folks. Apparently the hat was bought in Target when they went to Florida. However if you do know of any yarn similar to this I would appreciate it.

Can’t see anything like that. If he’d be okay with it you could get two different yarns… a lime yarn and a black yarn and stripe them or make a checkerboard pattern of the two. Hobby Lobby has a yarn called “I love this yarn” I think that seems to have brights.

Thank you all x

Take a look at Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick. Some of them have a reflective bright color like that!!