Help to find a motif pattern please

Hello everyone,

I have knitted a little romper in a plain stockinette stitch but I think the front is crying out for a little something on the front.

I realise I should have knitted a motif within the body of the romper but I’ve finished it now, so thought about knitting a little motif to stitch onto the front.

I’ve searched on all the pattern sites I can think of, and have found some crochet ones, (can’t do crochet sadly) or little flowers, but as we don’t yet know if it’s a boy or girl, I was think more a little teddy or a rabbit or something similar.

Have any of you lovely people got any ideas?

Thank you so much x

What about using duplicate stitch on the romper?

There are patterns online or you can probably graph your own pattern.

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That’s a great idea - thank you :blush:

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