help to explain this pattern, please!

Hello knitters!
I need help to understand the pattern, please!
I can’t understand the Diagram!!

Thanks in advance

Is it reading charts in general or something specific about these particular charts?

Thank you so much! but I really can’t undesrtand charts!! I try for long years but I can’t!
I search for someone who can explain me charts of my pattern .

For pattern A.1, rows 1-6 are (p1, k1) rib
row 7 is p1, 13 stitch cable (explained in the key), p1
rows 8-12 are (p1,k1) rib

For pattern A.2 rows 1-4 are (p1,k1) rib
row 5 is p1, 11stitch cable, p1, 11st cable (see key for explanation of cable),p1
rows 6-10 (p1,k1) rib

Thank you so much!!
I 'm so grateful to you for interests and for dedicating much time for me
I will never thank you enough. Best regars!

I am old and have never used charts it is enough to boggle the mind

Finally I find knitter like me

I finish the project!!

Oh, gorgeous! You knit this so beautifully. The cables and the color are perfect. Well done.

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I’m glad to know this!

I love this too. The pattern is gorgeous and I came out beautifully. I must not be very good at visualizing because I can’t picture her wearing it. Do you have a picture wearing it so I could say how? I wasn’t sure which way the wider part goes. I’m embarrassed that I can’t picture it!