Help - Tight stitches to pick up

Hi, I’m new here, and this is actually my first post! My hubby started knitting a few months ago, and so I couldn’t let him get the best of me, so I had to learn too! lol

I am working on a bag that will be felted, and I got the bottom piece done (28 st cast on, 28 rows). The instructions say to pick up 14, 28 and 14. Ok, no problem.

Well I’m using size 15 circular needles, and the problem I’m having is that when I go to pick up the 28 stitches, they are way too tight to get back up on the large needle! They are the original cast on stitches.

Soooo… my question…
Do I just need to cast on more loosely? Is there anything I can do to prevent them from getting so tight? Any ideas/help is greatly appreciated because I’ve already taken it apart once and I don’t want to have to do it again!! lol

Thank you, thank you, thank you for any help!!!

This one is so appropriate right now -> :wall:


Do you have a small crochet hook? The narrower width will make it easier to get into the tight stitches, and the hook will make it easier to pull through. You’ll have to transfer from the crochet hook to your right needle after you pull the yarn through.

So how would I transfer from the crochet hook? Would I knit off the crochet hook?

I thought about putting a smaller straight needle through (a size 7 goes through them just fine!), and then knitting off the smaller one and onto my size 15 circulars… would that work?

I would suspect that your stitches would be awfully tight to knit if you picked them up with smaller needles then knit them :shrug:

With the crochet hook, your simply pulling yarn up through the existing CO stitches with it, so you can make it as large a loop as you want, then simply slip that picked up created stitch straight onto the left hand needle. Do this until you have picked up all stitches, your ready to knit…

Your scooping the yarn with the crochet hook instead of the needle, if you get me.

I just realized I said right hand needle while Dee said left. You could actually do either. If you put the loops on the left needle, you will be in position to start a right side row, if on the right, with a wrong side row.