HELP! Tight knitter is stabbing herself

:aww: I am making a pair of magic loop socks on US size #2 needles. I had never knit with such small needles before. Since I am a tight knitter, a thrower, and the Addis are quite pointy, I am literally stabbing my Left index finger with my knitting needle with each stitch. I’m thinking of using a thimble over my index finger. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Try a looser tension to make the sts loose enough to move freely on the needles. If you pull the yarn after you make a stitch, you don’t need to, making the next stitch will tighten up the previous one.

Ouch… sounds like that hurts.

I’m a loose knitter and usually use 0’s for socks. I also knit continential… I know that for some, knitting continential helps to loosen up their stitches, you could give it a try. That or really force yourself to loosen your stitches (not easy when you are comfortable in your own knitting style)

You could also change needle style - I would recommend bamboo, however, if you knit tight, you might break them. You could try the Susan Bates - the yarn will slide, but they aren’t as pointy as the addie’s.

Worse case - you mentioned it, get a thimble. There are some really neat ones for quilters that only go onto the finger tip, so you don’t lose mobility in your finger as you are working. They even have ones that stick in the tip of your finger. The leather ones will still allow some mobility in your finger, but will also protect it.

Good luck and I hope that you find something that works- it’s no fun when you are getting stuck while working on a project.

Yikes! Would a simple Band-Aid be too thin to do the job? It’s flexible enough to not interfere with finger mobility, but that also means it might be too thin.

I never thought of that… thanks!

cast on to a larger set of needles make your loop then knit off onto your smaller needles.

I am not a tight knitter but I have poked a hole in the end of my finger when using the really small size needles. I do use a thimble. I tried a band aid but it sometimes gets the needle sticky. The above advice about loosening up on your knitting would be very helpful if you can do it.

i agree with the bandaid. Also, if you’re a tight knitter you may want to go up a size. I would also switch to Susan Bates needles too… they’re less pointy than Boye (i can’t use bambo… every time i feel the yarn slide on it it makes me want to grit my teeth!)

I tried a band-aid, but my hands and needles got sticky. I have calluses in my hands now, so, it doesn’t hurt that much anymore.

I’m a tight knitter too (I simply can’t loosen up my knitting :shrug:), besides, I knit English.


I feel your pain…but then we do knit the same…

I knit though the pain…if I get super frustraited I put a fabric bandaid on my left finger…

but usually…I just try not to use my left index finger so much once I have poked a hole in it the first time…

Same here!! I have 2 [B]band aids [/B]wrapped around my right index finger. At first the tip of my finger would go numb for at least 2 days.

Then i realized it had to be covered. It works GREAT! No more stabbing.

Hi! :waving:

Years ago when I was first starting to quilt, before I’d earned my quilting calluses, I thought my poor finger would just fall off. And this was a very sharp sewing needle! Yikes!

A band-aid was pretty useless since I couldn’t “feel” the stitch to properly form it, so my husband suggested I try painting on a couple of layers of “Nu-Skin”, that liquid bandage stuff that comes in a bottle.

It worked, as long as I let it dry very thoroughly.

Hopefully it might help you, too!

Hope so.

Happy knitting,

Ruthie :knitting:

Ruthie in MD - great idea!!! THX:woot:
I’m also a quilter and work on my quilting fingers… I hate the way they look, but it takes about a week to get that callus going. I’ll have to try the Nu-skin trick. I tried clear nail polish once, that didn’t work so great.

BTW - I’m a MD girl myself, love those O’s and crabs hon:thumbsup:

Those rubber things for sorting papers work great. You get a dozen for a couple of dollars at Office Depot type places. Here’swhat I’m talking about…scroll down past the moisteners and there’s several styles.

I never thought to try those! Thanks! I started wearing bandaids and they work pretty well but look hideous. Then I found the Band-Aid brand Susan G. Komen bandaids and they look terrific and serve a worthy cause! And my fingers are no longer being stabbed to death!