Help! the dye ran onto a lighter color

I just finished a mammoth Norwegian scarf, blocked it, and discovered that the darker color ran into the off-white color. It looks bad.
I have Synthrapol and Retayne (for cotton) which I’ve used for quilting fabrics that ran and they worked. I’m heartsick. The yarn is wool.
Any help is truly appreciated.

That does happen sometimes. Always do a swatch and wash it like you’re going to be washing the finished object (ie machine or hand wash). That will let you know ahead of time that it may be a problem.

I don’t know if there is anything you can do that will 100% get rid of it, but maybe one of those things you toss in the wash that sucks up excess dye?

When I’m not sure I use the Color catcher that you can get that goes in the wash. It sure catched the spare dyes that might bleed.