Help substituting yarn

can someone please help me? I am a new knitter (i have been knitting since aug.) I have fallen in love with a pattern that calls for blue sky alpacas yarn, super bulky hand dyes which is 100% wool and has a gauge of 2 on needle 15. I love this rowan biggy print yarn which i found on sale and it is has a gauge of 1.4 on size 36 needle. (it is also 100% wool). how would i make the rowan yarn work for the blue sky alpacas pattern?

The needle size is so different, I’m not sure how you could substitute and still follow the pattern. If it’s for a scarf, though, you could just either make it bigger or decrease the number of stitches to get it to the size you want.

Or if you can go down from the 36 needles to get a gauge of 2 stitches per inch, then you can follow the pattern.

You can also use Rowan Big Wool, it has a gauge of 8 sts on 4 inches on US 17 needles. It will be less heavy than the Biggy Print. I’ve knit a sweater with Biggy Print, it weighs a tonne!

Thanks so much for the feedback! I guess I was attracted to the biggy print, but I have no idea how it would look. Do you think a yarn of this nature is good only for scarves? Where does one find patterns for such big yarns?

Well, Rowan have magazines both for Biggy Print and for Big Wool. They have “the next big thing” and “the bigger picture”.
HERE’s a link where you can see the patterns in the magazines. here’s another and yet another
HTH :slight_smile: