Help! Stuck working right leg of Hippo Pattern

Hi, I’m knitting a stuffed hippo and all was well until I got to the right hind leg. Mad the Dec for right leg fine, ending with 33 sts as per pattern, worked 5 rows St st fine but hit a roadblock at the “Dec row:”. before, it says to "Bind off 9 sts at beg of next 2 rows (15 sts). I bound off 9, worked the 1st Dec row, bound off 9 pearl side and proceeded with that 2nd Dec row… but I end up with 9 stitches, not 15. Any idea what I’m possibly doing wrong. I’m new to knitting so guessing I’m reading the pattern wrong?? Please help, I’m almost done!

Welcome to KH!
You may have knit the dec row out of order. After 5 rows of st st. Bind off 9sts at the beg of the next row, then bind off 9sts at the beg of the following row. (15sts)
Now work the 2 dec rows and at the end of these decreases you’ll have 3sts left.