Help- stuck on scalloped edge pattern

Looking for help. Scalloped edge for baby blanket. Pattern states “ pass first stitch on needle over next stitch”
I cannot grasp what this means. How do you pass a FIRST stitch over anything? There is no previous slipping of stitches
Can anyone give any idiot proof guidance please?

Welcome to the forum. What pattern are you using? Knowing what it looks like from the pattern photo would help in answering your question. We aim to solve problems here and someone should be able to explain and/or find a video.

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Thank you. Pattern not completely clear!
I’ve been knitting for over 40 years and I’m completely stuck on this one.

Here is the instruction I’m stuck on !
It’s the pass first stitch over bit I can’t work out. IMG_4880|1200x570

ETA pattern link. I hope I got it right.

I had a time viewing this so I’ll post it here. Hope that’s OK. I’ve not read it yet.

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My lunch is ready so I can’t try this now.

Guess what, this has been asked before. Here is the thread, same pattern. The question is answered by salmonmac regarding a special abbreviation for “loop”

I hope this helps get you back on track.


As to the first or second stitch, I tried it on the needles and marked stitch 1 and stitch 2:

After you work the Loop you’ll have one stitch on the right needle. Then you knit one and pass the first stitch (#1) over the second, the one close to the tip of the right needle.


Yes that’s it. I’ve done the blanket and I’ve picked up for the edge. It’s the one instruction on passing the stitch over I cannot fathom!

There is an instruction for Loop. It’s not that bit. It’s “pass first stitch on next stitch” I can’t fathom!

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Ah thank you so much! I think I got confused as there are 430 stitches and it’s almost in a round. Therefore you can’t easily see the “first stitch”
I will have another go!


Ah, sorry, I thought that the thread link answered the problem.
I hope you are back on track and the edge works out for you. It is likely something which we would recognise written in a slightly different way.

Wow, 430sts is impressive. You’ll be our go-to expert on Loop and this scalloped edging for sure. Love to see a photo when you finish!