Help! Stuck on Increasing on Sleeves

Hi all! I’m new here and pretty confused by a pattern I’m working on. The pattern is the Doyle Raglan Clan Sweater from the Aran Sweater Market, and the sleeves are really giving me a hard time!

My problem is that I have a specific cabling pattern that fits into 60 stitches that I am following. Every 6th row it’s asking me to increase by one stitch on each side. However, the pattern doesn’t tell me what to do with the new stitches I’ve created. Has anyone else done one of these patterns? What did you do with your side stitches as they got bigger and bigger away from your cabling center?

Any help is welcome!

When looking at the pictures, it looks like you just extrapolate the pattern as you add stitches to the sleeves.


Sorry to jump on your post, but I’m working on the Doyle sweater from this site and wondered what you did with your sleeves? I’m super confused by the increases and what to do with the new stitches made? Do you knit them straight until you start the cabling pattern? Or is there a specific pattern that I’m missing?? Thanks for any help!

Usually the thing to do is to knit the inc sts in the background pattern. Maybe that’s stockinette or reverse stockinette. When you have enough sts to complete a pattern stitch motif plus an edge stitch, go ahead.