Help! Struggling with this knit pattern. Newbie

Hi! I’m new to this site. I’m trying to make a angled eyelet blanket. The pattern says to cast on 104 sts. Then knit 3 rows.
First row is (rs). K7. *k2tog. Yo. Rep from * 7 times more. K2tog. Yo. K7.
I get to the end and I have only have two stitches left so I’m clearly messing something up!! Please help by telling me what I’m doing wrong! Thank you very much

Hi are you sure that is the complete directions for the row and that you have the star in the right place? Are you suppose to repeat the k7 also. Could you provide us with a name or link to the pattern that are knitting, sometimes it is easier for us to understand if we see the actual pattern.

I found a pattern called “Angled Eyelets Blanket”. Row 1 is as follows:

Row 1: K7. *K2tog, yo, K9. Repeat from * 7 times more, K2tog, yo, K7

Looks like you forgot the “K9”. Try this toe again and see what happens.


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I miss typed that first post about the k9. I’ve done it three times and still only end up with two stitches at the end of repeating the 7 time more. I must be counting wrong, I really don’t know

Also I am not repeating the entire row, I have only repeated from the *… at first I thought I was doing that but after trying for the second time I know I wasn’t. So I either forgot how to count or I’m messing something else up… seems so easy🤔

Welcome to the forum!
How are you making the yarn overs? For this yarn over, bring the yarn to the front between the needles and then over the right needle to the back. That’s it. Then go on to the next knit stitch.
The math works out for 8 total repeats.

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That’s how I’m doing it. Just wrapping the right needle before I knit.

Salmonmac you are right the original k7 2tog and k9 =18 stitches, then if you repeat k2tog k9 (11sts) 7 more times=77sts snd finidh with k2tog yo k7 = 9. So 18+77+9 =104.

Maybe you should type here EXACTLY what u are doing on that row so we can figure out what’s wrong.

Try doing that

Row 1: K7. *K2tog, yo, K9. Repeat from * 7 times more, K2tog, yo, K7

OK, good. Make sure you have 104sts cast on.

Try adding in markers after the first 7sts and then after each 11stitch repeat. You will end with 9sts after the last repeat. That’ll make sure you stay on track to finish the row with the correct number of sts left.

I figured it out!! I was counting the stitch after the yo as the yo. First time doing a pattern with a yo, so I appreciate everyone’s help!!! I got myself so stitch markers! Thank you!

I am glad that you figured out what you were doing wrong. Knit on!

So glad u figured it out!!