Help! stockinette seam question

Hi everyone! I have a simple stockinette square that I’m trying to seam together with the seam: Invisible Weaving on Stockinette Stitch - One-Half Stitch Seam Allowance (that’s how its called in my book). It looks simple - on the knit side, insert the needle under the horizontal bar at the base of each smaller V (since stockinette edges have alternating smaller & larger Vs) on one side and then the other. The result is supposed to be a nice column of Vs, so you can’t see the seam at all (the rows just look continuous).

The problem :frowning: is that the horizontal bars are supposed to stay in the back of the piece and not pull forward (so they don’t show), but just the act of inserting the needle pulls them to the front and with the yarn threaded through, they won’t go back. This stitch is recommended for sport-weight or larger yarn, and I’m using worsted weight, so the yarn shouldn’t be too thick. :??

Also, the back and forth weaving does not result in a nice V shape like in the picture, but in a series of horizontal bars that look nothing like a knitted row (especially combined with the problem above).

Part of the problem may be that I didn’t slip the first stitch of every row, but just started knitting or purling from the beginning, so I have a weird column of half-stitches on each edge that isn’t in the picture in my book. But ignoring the column, it should still work out the same - I just don’t get it :thinking: .

Does anyone have any good advice about this, or maybe another invisible stitch I could try that would work better?

Thanks everyone! - Jessica

Ok, I’m trying to visualize the problem :thinking:

When you insert the needle, you do go down on the right side of one V and come back up at the left side of a V, right?
Then you go to the other side of the knitting and do the same there.
Now, your inseting the needle on the first piece where you left before.
If you don’t do this, you may end up with this horizontal stripes instead of V’s.

Hope that helps solving your problem. If not, I could post some pics, so you can see whatyour should be doing.

For this type of join, you are not supposed to slip the first stitch, so you are correct there. I can’t visualize what might be wrong, but see if htis link helps.

Thanks everyone! :smiley: I still can’t totally figure out what my book says, but I’m guessing its the invisible weaving that’s shown on the link bobbiinbrooklyn posted. It looks very simple! :oops: Thanks for helping me out! :heart: