Help! stitches look too big


I am a brand new knitter.So new that I purchased all my knitting tools only this morning. :cheering:

I’ve got a pattern for a Boy’s V-neck vest which calls for a 10 1/2 size circular needle and worsted weight yarn.When I tried to swatch,I find the stitches too big and loose.Also,the pattern does not mention the length of the cable for the needle.My boy is a size 6 with chest 26 inches.So I presume I need a circular needle with a total length of 24 inches.Is that right?

The label on the yarn says US 8 needle to be used.Will I get better stitches with that needle size. this is the pattern

It could be that you are using the wrong needles yes, if your’s look different to the picture, it could be your larger needles doing it. Or you could be knitting loosely, or a combination of both. I’d try the smaller needle size and see if you get closer to the recommended guage.

And your 24" circulars should be fine, really any length would be fine, as i’m assuming your knitting flat, not in the round :thumbsup:

Hmm, that’s not a very well-written pattern. If you don’t like the way your fabric is working, then by all means go down a needle size, but it looks like the author was using more loose stitches instead of more stitches to make larger sizes. Honestly, I’d search around for a better pattern, one that lists a gauge of stitches per inch or stitches per four inches, and uses the same size needle for all sizes, with different numbers of stitches. Wow.

You’re braver than I was a year ago when I started knitting. I just made a soap cozy!

I’ve found that many patterns call for a larger size needle than the gauge which is on the same yarn’s label gauge. The label gauge is there to (supposedly) tell you which weight the yarn is - DK, worsted, etc. But I’ve seen a lot of patterns use a needle about 2 sizes larger than that for the same yarn. :shrug:


Wow! I am so happy I have so many folks out here who are so helpful.

I am actually trying to knit in the round,I am too brave isn’t it for a beginner? :woot:

Yes,Aylaane,you are right,I think I shld seriously look around for a well written pattern. :verysad:


Wow! You are totally brave! I started knitting in June, and I haven’t braved anything like a sweater yet. :cheering:

Try not to get discouraged. Your stitches will probably tighten up the longer you knit.

Good luck!!!

Knitting in the round is very easy for a beginner, actually, since you will just be doing the knit stitch, mostly. But you are brave for trying it on your first project!

IF you want to keep using the 10 1/2 needles and not alter the pattern any, I’d suggest getting a thicker yarn if you think that the yarn you have looks too loose in the stitches. Otherwise you could go down to the size 9 needles recommended for the size 2 vest, and increase the number of stitches you cast on to make a bigger size. That would be easy to figure out if a gauge was given for this pattern, but…

I think I’d find another pattern, too.

Guess what!

I bought a size 8 needle today to try with the same pattern :eyes:

Hope I won’t be just buying something new each day and never knit anything at all :help:

Ahhh such is the nature of knitting. Next you need more yarn “just in case” :teehee:

Welcome to knitting and the board! :cheering: :hug:

I think the size 10 1/2s were probably too big for the yarn. The size 8s should work better with your yarn. You may be a loose knitter as well. You’ll work it out and I’m sure you piece will be beautiful. Welcome to the forum and enjoy the addiction. :waving:

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

Or you could try size 9s or 10s. Whatever size makes a good looking stitch.


This is how the vest looks now…how do you all like it?

:thud: that looks really good! Are you sure you’re a beginer?

Very good! I like it a lot! :cheering:

Thanks a lot,I’m glad you liked it…Yes,I am a beginner.I learnt knitting when i was about 13 yrs old,but never did anything after that.Now,at 34,I am rediscovering my knitting skills again. :teehee:

Very nice! :cheering:

Very nice! I wasn’t nearly that good when I was a beginner! I made a dishcloth for my first project! Then I moved on to wool soakers for my cloth diapering and wool addiction. I thought doing my own would be cheaper than buying new. Boy was I wrong! :teehee: But it is more fullfilling!!

Beautiful job!! :cheering:

beautiful. very well done :cheering:

Very nice! It turned out great :slight_smile:

Thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you(somebody stop me!!)l…I am overwhelmed. :muah: