help! Stitches don’t add up

Hello! I’m a beginner and would like to seek help on a pattern.

I’m working on the yoke section of a cardigan and got stuck.

I’m currently at Row 1. After the set up row. I have 11 stitches between the 1st and 2nd stitch marker. The instructions for Row 1 says to:

‘k1, M1L and work 1x1 rib to 1st stitch before maker, M1R, K1.

If I did 5 sets of the 1x1 rib (total of 10
(sts) , I end up with no stitches left to do the last k1 before the SM. However, If I did 4 sets of 1x1 rib (8 sts in total) I would end up with 1 extra stitch after the last K1 of the set.

Would really appreciate if someone could guide me. Thanks in advance!!!

Welcome to KH!
Work K1, make 1 by lifting the bar between the sts, work 4 repeats of (P1,K1), then P1, make 1 and finally k1.
What is the name of your pattern?

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Very grateful
For the advice! Thank you! The name of the pattern is Flaum.