Help soneone my cat is

before i start running to the vet
is their something i can give her at home

i can see i cant spell today
my cat is constipated
can anyone help

usually once your cat is already constipated, the best thing to do is to get it to the vet to help the cat have some relief. once he/she is comfortable again, your vet can give you some suggestions, like a stool softener, or canned pumpkin, to help prevent it from happening again. but for the time being, i say, bring your cat to the vet!

If my cat Ruby gets a little constipated I just give her milk or cream and that is usually enough to get her going again!
She usually only drinks water so the milk is quiet rich for her.Good Luck

i am trying to avoid a big vet bil
but i will go tomorrow if cant find a way to help her
this foolish cat wont drink milk
i am going to petsvalu now
and see if they having anything to help her
thanks for your replies

I echo taking your kitty to the vet asap. It is possible for constipation to lead to impaction, so the sooner you take kitty in, the better.

You can try Laxatone–it’s usually marketed to help with hairballs, but also helps “grease” their intestinal tract. It’s got a flavor (I think beef, but I’m not sure) that they’ll usually like. I haven’t had to buy it in a while, so I don’t remember if you can get it in the store or if you have to get it from the vet.

You might also want to look at your kitty’s diet. If it’s primarily dry food, you might want to add in some canned.

I had a cat with chronic constipation. PM me if you’d like to talk.

Laxatone and Petromalt are two laxatives for cats that can be found at the local pet store and even Walmart I think. They work pretty quickly, all you do is squeeze an inch or so of the stuff out and (force feed them) let them lick it. My cat hates it, I think she knows it makes her crampy because after the first dose she will no longer lick it herself we have to do the force feed thing. In a couple of hours though we usually see results. It’s worth a try to avoid a big vet bill if she isn’t in pain now and you feel you can wait another day.

thanks all
i will add vegetable oil to her food and canned pumpkin
i also gave her our tuna packed in oil
she ate a little bit
wont look at the milk
i hope that all this helps but if not i will go to the vet
i had heard that cats need vegetables and fruit
but i didnt try
she is not an easy cat and doesnt take to kindly to changes
she is brushed every day so i know she isnt having hair balls
she will never use the litter if it isnt cleaned everyday
so it isnt that

cats don’t need fruits and vegetables - they are obligate carnivores, and need meat. they are also typically lactose-intolerant, and although i see that someone on the forum has found milk helpful in relieving her cat’s constipation, it isn’t a remedy i would recommend. in fact, i wouldn’t really recommend anything without consulting your vet first - there are many different things that can cause constipation, from too little water to serious problems like megacolon and IBD - even if you don’t want to take the cat to the vet, it may be worth a call to discuss your cat’s health before making changes. good luck, and please know i’m not trying to be preachy - i am a vet tech, and this is what i do for a living!

Thanks; that’s information all cat owners should know.
I know well-meaning vegetarians who have put their cats on “healthy” spinach-and-brown-rice diets and wondered why the poor things didn’t thrive.

My vet also told me to avoid “red fish,” eg, tuna and salmon, because they could lead to a buildup of fat around the heart.

You guys need to explain the fetish my cat has for houseplants. If I don’t keep a container of kitty grass out she attacks even the fake plants. :hair:
I realize they’re carnivores but evidently they also will eat planties.

Most of ours will nibble on the houseplants from time to time. Usually when they need to hurl. :zombie:

i chalk the houseplant-eating up to mischief-making - there hasn’t been any solid proof as to why cats eat 'em - i think my kitty just likes to get up to no good sometimes…all i can say is, if you have a plant-eater, keep only non-toxic plants in kitty’s reach, and offer plenty of wheat grass or catnip to munch instead!

There’s also another product called catlax or something like that - used to help furballs and also constipation. It has a caramel flavour and my cat just LOVES it! She would lick it straight from the tube if I let her:roflhard: However she is a bit strange and loves eating honeycomb flavoured ice-cream, cornflakes, nutra-grain, wheeties (all dry with no milk), twisties, ovalteenies and marshmellows just to name a few. I don’t feed those things to my cat, but I can be sitting down having breakfast and the next thing she’s sticking her nose in the bowl trying to get at my cornflakes:shrug::roll:


Actually, the kitties eating your plants is them trying to get the extra digestion help they usually get from eating grasses outside, which is supplemented by that kittie grass you can grow. This is actually good for them, while plants are not. Some are very poisonous to kitties.
As for the constipation thing, if she hasn’t gone by today i would take her to the vet. If she isn’t feeling good she probably isn’t drinking her water and could get dehydrated at the least. she could also have eaten something she shouldn’t, and be blocked up inside, which is dangerous.
keep us updated! hughs to the kitty!:muah:

My DF just moved in with me a few months ago, as he’d moved across country to join me here. He has potted herbs that came into the house with him. My cat likes to eat his onion grass and chives. Last week, though, he was gone for a week and she quit eating them. He got home this weekend and guess what she’s doing again?

Yup - eating the onion grass and chives… :??

critters - :wall:


Mine won’t touch cat grass. Spider plants, absolutely! But no cat grass. :shrug:

How is kitty doing today??


Obviously if kitty is still having problems today - I’d take her to the vet.

There are the tubes of stuff you can buy to ease constipation and help eliminate furballs but I tend to avoid them, as they contain liquid paraffin, which can strip all the vitamins out of a cat’s system.

Despite daily brushings, if my two older cats are chundering up food, I give them a half teaspoon of rapeseed oil or sunflower oil on top of their food but no more than that.

One of them, Hatty, has loved chewing grass from being a kitten and she’s the one who has most grief with furballs. Harry, her half-brother, never bothered at all with grass and he’s not too troubled by the furry beasts.

Anyway, all the best with kitty and please let us know about her.