Help! Sock Instruction Clarifications

[COLOR=“Red”]Heel Flap: (Turning Row) Knit 10 sts in established k2, p2 rib pattern, turn, S1pwise, p19.
Row 1: S1pwise, k1 across row
Row 2: S1pwise, p across row[/COLOR]

I am stuck on the above instructions. Please help!!!

Anyways enough of my pleaing.

So i knit

[COLOR=“DarkOliveGreen”]Q1) k2, p2, k2, p2, k2, p2, k2, p2, k2, p2 ( this is considered 10 sts???), then S1pwise[/COLOR]
I am confused about row 1.

Right now i have 40 sts divided equally among 4 size 0 US needle, which means 10 sts per needle.

[COLOR=“darkolivegreen”]Q2) Ok, here’s my question, how many sts do i knit across Row 1given i have 40 sts on all 4 needles? [/COLOR]

[COLOR=“darkolivegreen”]Q3) What about row 2.[/COLOR]
Thanks ladies.

Q1 - 10 sts is 10 sts, not 10 ribs. So you’ve done twice as many.

Q2 - k 10, turn for the next row. Ignore the rest of the sts for now.

10 stitches in k2,p2 ribbing would be k2,p2,k2,p2,k2

you would do that across the 10 stitches on needle one.
then you would turn your work, slip and stitch and purl 19 stitches which would be 10 stitches from needle one (including the slipped stitch) and 10 stitches from needle 4, going back the way you just came. it migh be worth purling them all onto one needle them all onto the one needle for this.

You are now working back and forth across these
20 stitches to create the heel flap, knitting flat rather than circular.

so at the end of the purling you have just done you turn the work and do Row 1 (sl1, k1, sl1, k1 across), then turn and do Row 2. and repeat these two rows 7 times until you have a flap which is 16 rows total.