Help! slipper pattern and issues with stitch count

So I feel totally lost. I’m working on this pattern

Begin with row 1 of the Toe Chart for the size you are making.
Remove markers as you come to them. Watch for increases in
the chart. Once you have worked both rows of the Toe Chart,
continue working using the Main Chart, starting at row 1. There
should now be 30 st (34, 34) on the needle. Work through cable
row 23 (27, 31) (or until the foot measures 3 inches less than the
length of the slipper sole), then begin forming the heel.

No matter what I keep ending up with only 30 stitches even though I’m not working the small size chart. im really confused. I wasnt able to attach the pattern chart because it’s too big but its from knitpicks and called fall lake slippers. helpp!

How many sts do you start with before the toe chart? Look carefully in the toe chart to see where the increases are and count how many increases. The total should give you the correct number of sts for your size, 30 st (34, 34). Check also that some of the increases aren’t double increases or more.
One of the projects on Ravelry notes:
"There was an errata in the pattern. It says that at the end of doing the toe chart pattern for the toe increases, you should have 30 or 34 stitches (depending on the size you are making). I made the large. In order to get the recommended number of stitches on the needles though, (at least for the large/medium size) you need to do the toe chart twice. So that is four increases just from following the toe chart. Those two toe chart increases along with the increases at the begining of the main cable chart will give you the correct number of stitches you need to proceed with the pattern."
Hope this helps!