HELP! Slip stitch knitting! What am I doing wrong? >>>

Okay, I’m watching a DVD and reading the pattern. It says:

  1. Knit across with Color A.
  2. With Color B, K1, Sl 1 WYIB, K3 to last st, K1
  3. With Color B, K1, Sl 1 WYIF, K3 to last st, K1

I keep ending up with one less stitch at the end.

Also, when I slip 1, then go to knit the next stitch, the working yarn is always one space back on the needle, as though I have to go over the slip stitch.


:think: How many are you starting with? It looks like you would need a multiple of 4 plus 2 for the end stitches. Is that what you have?

Your working yarn will be one back, because you don’t work the slipped st. So you go from previously k st, over the sl st, to the one you will knit. Is that what’s happening? Well, it will do that when you sl WYIB at any rate. Not sure WYIF though

Actually, the pattern calls for a multiple of 4 plus 3…


What’s the pattern?

Yeah, something doesn’t add up… k1 on each end is 2, and the repeats are slip 1, k3 which is 4. So it should be multiple of 4+2 sts