Help sl 1 k1

Help…knitting my first pair of socks. Directions say sl1 k1* rep from * So I slipped as if to knit before I realized if it was not stated, you should slip as if to purl.

So the question is… Do I need to pull it all out? Canage to the correct way? or continue the way I have been doing it?

Thanks, Lindsay

If you’re on the next round knit the slipped sts through the back loop and that should leave them untwisted.

Thanks but I have already done about 15 rows :frowning:

Well, can you live with how they look? If not, rip back and reknit. If you can, keep going. If it can’t be seen from 10 feet away, it’s okay.

I would leave it. Who’s to know you didn’t do it that way on purpose? Besides, unless you’re submitting the socks to a show of some sort, like the State Fair competition, who’s going to be scrutinizing your socks that closely to notice.

Thanks everyone. So should I continue to do it wrong on this sock? Or change midstream to the correct way? I don’t even know what the difference looks like when finished. I guess I could change now and see :slight_smile: I hope to be able to wear them, but they are more of a practice pair.

If you slip knitwise, but don’t work the st again until the next round, and [I]don’t[/I] knit it through the back loop, it will look twisted. It’s possible on the ones you’ve already done that you knit it so it won’t be twisted, so you may be just fine.