Help! Sl 1 as to purl

I’m very new to knitting and am trying to teach myself because I can’t find classes anywhere that fit in with my work schedule. I’m starting a hat for my neice this week and I think I understand the pattern, for the most part, but what to I do when it says “*K1, sl 1 as to purl; rep from * around”. looking up the slide step, it just looks like you push the stitch onto the other needle, but what do I do once I push it over? Purl the next stitch then knit again?

any help is MUCH appreciated! :sun:

You’ll just slip that stitch, then knit the next one.

When they say “as if to purl” it just describes how you’ll be holding the needles when slipping it.
Your pattern is easy…just slip, knit, slip, knit, slip, knit.

There is also a slipstitch “as if to knit”, so hopefully you’ll know the difference by comparison.

When you slip as if to purl you bring the yarn forward as if you were going to purl the stitch, but you slip it instead. Then if the next stitch is a knit you bring the yarn back before knitting it.

ETA… Sue is right. Only bring the yarn forward if it says to. My goof.

Slipping a st just means moving it over to the other needle without working into it. When you do it ‘as if to purl’ that means to insert the right needle into it as if you were going to purl the stitch, but you don’t, just move it. Leave the yarn in back, don’t move it to the front unless the pattern says to.

I agree with Suzee.
I never move the yarn for slipped stitches unless the pattern says yarn forward or yarn back.