Help - short rows for neckline

I’m new to short rows and am having a problem with a pattern that incorporates them into the neck. My problem is that the pattern says to pickup stitches along the back, along the side, then place a marker, pickup in front, and up the other side. Then to start the ribbing, you do 4 rounds of K2P2. On the 4th round, it says to work to the first marker, wrap stitch and then work to marker. When I do that I’m only wraping or short rowing one side - does that make sense? Plus I only have one marker so why does it say work to 2nd marker? Where’s the first marker supposed to be? Is ther an error in the pattern?


At first I was going to say that your first marker would be at the beginning of the round. But I’m not sure where in the sweater the marker they tell you to place is. When you say it’s ‘the side’ is that on the back or front?

Where is this pattern from?

Thanks. As for the answer to your question, I’m not sure. Here’s the link to the pattern, thanks in advance for your help:

I think the picture helps. It appears that the front edge is where the short rows are, so the second marker would be at the end of the 32 stitches you pick up along the front. Does that make sense looking at the piece?

Sort of. I guess I don’t understand how to work the short rows. If I start at the back of the neckline and work around to the first marker and then turn my work after doing the wrap, and work my way to the second marker, it seems like I will only be working the stitiches along each side and the back of the neck. What about the front?

If you put the second marker at the end of the 32 front stitches, you work to that second marker, then turn and work back to the other marker. Your short rows will be between the two front markers.

I made a nice little diagram, and it all got smushed to one side–more confusing than having none.


You are being so kind and patient - not sure I’m 100% but I’m going to try it tonight and see what happens. Thanks.