Help shaping sweater neck - no pattern!


Any advice for shaping a neck? This site has so many wonderful suggestions about “decreasing” at neck edge, but which to choose? Working in stockinette stitch, the game plan is work across in stitch, place about 20 stitches on a holder and work across on remaining. I gather a few balls of yarn are required.
#1 - Which method is best to decrease so that when I eventually pick up stitches to knit the neckband, I won’t have huge holes? The instructions given for decreasing are excellent, but so many possibilities, and I think I get the drift of the various slants.
#2 - When the decrease (maybe one stitch every other row) is done, where does this occur? That is, with right side of work facing so it’s done on the knit row as opposed to the purl? Let’s just say that’s the case. On one side of the neck stitches on holder, would that decreasing occur at the beginning of the row, and then on the other side of the holder at the end of the row? Have some directional issues. Have tried a few different ways, but the results are disasterous.
Any suggestions would be most welcome.
Many thanks,
Elaine AKA PurlyQ
PS - I’m working in very inexpensive Merit/Phentex knitting worsted weight with 72 stitches at the top.

Generally, when you start to shape a neck edge the way you’re thinking of doing it, you knit across your first section. Then attach a new ball of yarn and bind off those center stitches, and continue with it to knit to the end of your second section. This way you have a separate strand of yarn for each side in place. You can work both sides at once this way, using a separate strand for each–helps make sure you decrease at the same rate and on the correct side.

I find that k2tog is perfectly adequate for the decrease and for picking up the stitches later. the slant won’t matter since it’ll be behind the edging, and k2tog makes it nice and tight.

Thank you for your quick and helpful suggestions. Going to do a trial run and see what happens. This site is out of sight!