Help shaping neck

Hi. So i am a complete newbie trying to knit a gilet (to the point that learnt knit and purl from youtube!) and i am stuck on the ‘shape neck’ part of pattern. Could someone please translate the pattern into very basic terms.
It reads:
K to last 5 sts, sl these last sts onto a thread, turn. 13 sts. (When working Right Front K5 sts and sl these 5 sts onto a thread, then K to end on this row. )
Dec 1 st at neck edge on next 2 rows, then foll 2 alt rows. 9 sts.
Work 5 rows straight.
Cast off

Please dumb this down as much as possible for me. Thanks

This is the left front of the jacket as you would wear it.
row 1. Knit across the right side (RS) row to the last 5 sts, place these 5 sts on waste yarn and turn as you would at the end of a row.
row 2 Work one stitch, then work the next 2 sts together (either k2tog or p2tog depending on your pattern). Work to the end of the row.
row 3 K to the last 3 sts, k2tog, k1
row 4 Work to the end of the row
rows 5 and 7 Decrease as row 3
row 6 as row 4
Then work 5 rows without any decreases.
Cast off

This puts the decreases one stitch in from the edge which makes a neater edge.

Ahh now i get it. Thank you so much for taking time to help