Help! Shape raglan questions!

[color=blue]I thought that when binding off it was done at the beginning of the row. Can someone explain these instructions to me in very simple english?? I am a beginner knitter and have completed one sweater already, but these instructions have me perplexed!
“Work 12 rows dec 1 st at each end of next and following 6th row.” Thanks so much!! [color=red][/color][/color]

You decrease at the beginning and end of each row for the sleeve shaping. You can knit the first two together and the last two together. This is different than binding off, since it’s only one stitch. It’s true that you can’t bind off at the end of a row.

Thanks so much for your reply, but I’m still a bit confused…are you able to explain it a little bit clearer for me??? Sorry, I’m so dense… :happydance:

When you decrease for the raglan sleeves, you want gradual slants along the sides, right? So. . .

Knit the first two stitches together and the last two stitches together on the decrease rows.

You’ll work 12 rows even, without decreasing, and then decrease as above on the next row and every 6 rows after that. So if your first decrease row is called row 1, you’ll decrease on rows 7, 13, 19, 25, etc., until you have the number of stitches left that the pattern calls for.

Hi Ingrid, I guess that is my confusion…I’m starting off with 39 stitches and it says in the pattern that I’m to end up with 35…that is only decreasing 4 stitches…does that make sense to you?? Thanks, Linda

Oh. I was misunderstanding the pattern, then. Work the 12 rows, decrease on the next row and then decrease again on the 6th row after that. Forget what I said about the other rows. :shifty: :oops:

Do you need help for the knit two stitches together part? If you don’t know how to K2tog, look here -

After you knit tog the two at the beginning of the row, knit across until you have two stitches left at the end and knit those together.


So, I’ll be knitting 19 rows in total??

That’s what it looks like!

Thank you, Ingrid!! Linda