HELP Shape neck

I am currently trying to teh knit the nantastket pattern from Berroco free pattern. I am so confused.

Work 17 stitches join another hank of yarn and bind off center 11 sts, work to end. Working both sides at once dec 1 stitch at each neck edge every RS row 3 times. Work even on 14 sts each side until armholes measure 41/2 inches, end on WS bind off.

I do not understand how to do any of that. How do I join another hank of yarn . I don’t understand the dec 1 sticth at every neck edge every RS row 3 times.

The reason you join another ball of yarn is so you’ll have a strand of working yarn at each shoulder.

So work across the first 17 stitches and drop that strand of yarn. With another ball, just start binding off the next 11 stitches, leaving a tail to weave in later, and work the final 17.

When you are working the right-side rows, decrease at the end of the first group of stitches, and decrease at the beginning of the other set of stitches. This will give you the decreases at the neck edge. Work the ws rows even. Do this twice more and you’ll have 14 stitches on each shoulder section.

To ‘join’ another end of yarn, just leave a tail long enough to weave in later and begin knitting with it. You use 2 yarns and work each shoulder separately with them.

Work across 17 sts on the first shoulder, drop that yarn, pick up the new one and BO 11, then finish the row. Turn and do the WS row, dropping the yarn when you get to the gap and pick up the other one to finish the row. Turn and on this RS row, work to 2 or 3 sts from the gap, do a dec and drop the yarn. Pick up the other yarn, do the first st or not and dec 1 st then work to the end of the row. That’s the decrease done once. Work the WS row, then dec on the next RS row, do the WS row and then the next RS row has decs. That’s decreased 3 sts at both sides of the neck edge and there’s 14 sts on each shoulder. Then you just work across the remaining stitches until the armholes are 4½" long and BO on the RS row.

Thanks I think I have it. At least I hope:wink:

Thanks I hope I have it:-P