Help sewing up girls cardigan

I am fairly new to sewing up items and I am knitting King Cole 3146. I have finished all the parts of the cardigan…the back both fronts and sleeves and now I am stuck. It says next is the Neckband and the instructions are sew up the raglan seams. This may sound stupid but which raglan seams? It then says slip 4 stitches from right neck onto a 31/4 m needle, rejoin yarn and with right side facing pick up and knit 11 stitches evenly up right front neck, k15 stitches from right sleeve top then k27 stitches from back neck, k15 stitches from left sleeve top, pick up and k11 stitches evenly down left front neck, then k4 stitches from thread so there is 87 stitches. Then knit 5 rows and cast off loosely.

Then it moves onto Front Bands with 31/4 m needle and right side facing rejoin yarn and pick up 79 stitches approx 1 stitch from every row evenly all along front edge knit 7 rows and cast off.

I am completely confused but having got this far I am not going to give up! If someone can help I would be very grateful
You’ve almost made it to the end!
This nice knitter on Ravelry posted a photo which shows the way the sweater is pieced together. The yellow arrows point to the raglan seams and the dashed line runs along one of those seams.

Here’s a pretty good video for how to start picking up neckline sts beginning at the right front neck (that’s right as you would wear the sweater).

That puts you in position to knit the sts from the back of the neck and then continue down the left front.
For the front bands, I use removable stitch markers to mark off the halfway and quarter way points so that I don’t get to far off the given pattern number.
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Thank you so much for replying and passing in lots of very useful information when I was in need!! I am going to jump back in and try to finish this