Help! Sewing together & borders Sirdar 4493

Maybe I’m trying to run before I can walk…

I’m knitting this cardigan, but the sewing on the sleeves has gone so wrong! Is there a particular stitch I should be using?

I’m stitching inside out and going over into opposite sides. I think it’s like a mattress stitch? I don’t always know how many stitches to pick up from each side.

Also, the borders went really ugly too. Perhaps it’s too late to fix them - but does anyone know what I did wrong?

Thanks for your help. I’ve enjoying knitting it and learnt a lot, and I’ll finish it- but think it’s a little too scruffy looking for me to give away :woozy_face:

And it should look like this…

You’re knitting is beautiful but you’re right, the sleeves need to be fixed.
Mattress stitch is a good choice but it’ll help to line up and pin the sleeve into the armhole first. Then you’ll be sure it fits in. You don’t have to pick up precisely the same number of sts on each side in this case so don’t worry about that. See if this video helps.

This is also a nice tutorial with a link near the end to a Rowan video that’s helpful.

The borders are slightly too long. If you decide to re-do them pick up fewer sts for each band. That may not be the pattern recommendation but it’ll work better. This happens to me too and I just pull it out and start over. Be sure to count how many sts you currently have so you’ll have an idea about the decrease. Usually the rule with stockinette is to pick up 3sts for every 4 rows.

Thanks for your help again and quick response, I’ll give that a go. :crossed_fingers:

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It depends who you planned to give it to. I’d be really pleased if someone hand made a baby gift for me even if it wasn’t perfect.
I’m sure ince you fix in the sleeves properly it will be great.

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face: I was hoping to give it to my niece and maybe i still will if i can fix the sleeves, I think I will try the borders again too. :+1:

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