Help! Scarf came undone

I’m new to knitting. I made my boyfriend a scarf. When one ball of yarn was finished, I tied another ball to it. It came undone and now there’s a hole. I have been trying to fix it and I’m just getting frustrated. Please help. It’s not a big hole but I just can’t figure it out.

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Welcome to KH!
The scarf looks beautifuuly knit.
The first thing is to put stitch marker or safety pin through any loose sts. This will prevent them from laddering down. Then you need to follow the path of the garter stitch pattern with a new strand of yarn.
If you Google “garter stitch diagram” there are several diagrams that come up and they may help you to see the path of the yarn.
Thread a tapistry needle with the yarn strand and start several sts to the side of the hole and continue for several sts past the hole.
Once you’ve done this, weave in the ends and weave in the short ends from the original yarn.

Yes, I see what happened there. First of all, they always taught us to NEVER ever tie a knot in your knitting. If your teacher told you that, she should be fired! She is not a good teacher at all, and you should never go back to her again! [my opinion only]

You need to review how to join a new ball of yarn. Most of those acrylics will NOT hold a knot when you tie them together, unless you do it very, very tightly. But not in knitting.

Now that you did it, it has come apart (as it should) and you have a hole. I can see how to fix it, but it is not easy!

You will take a length of yarn (about 5 stitches long), and thread it through one stitch (or two stitches on one side of the hole. Just follow the path the yarn makes. If it is too bulky, it may not work too well.

Then at the hole, continue in the same pattern, going through that loose stitch and back up to the one above it, and then continue on the other side of the hole, following the yarn there for about 2 stitches. Only one stitch came apart, so it will be easy to fix.

Then weave in the tails of the yarns that came apart. What you have made is a ‘bridge’ across the hole with a new yarn, and it will tie together both sides, and cover the hole.

Ideally, you would only join in a new ball of yarn on the edge – even if you have to cut off some yarn. You can tie the ends loosely, and then go back later and weave in the ends.

An excellent teacher told me many years ago, that when you tie a knot, it will ALWAYS come to the front of your work, and will ALWAYS appear right on your left boob, even if you are knitting socks! I always remembered that… so never tie a knot in your knitting! Unless you want it to appear… well, you know.