Help save my sweater

HELP :waah:I made a ribbed sweater for my step mother and I just barely finished it last night, I was about to put it on Watcha knittin
but decided that it could use a light washing, SO, I followed the washing instructions on the yarn label (Caron Simply Soft) They said Warm wash gentle, then dry delicate. I washed it and when I took it out of the machine i noticed how stretched out it looked. My family said that it was due to the water and it would take its original shape when i dried it. WELL, I had it in the drier for over an hour (checking every few minutes to see if it was dry) and after an hour of drying, decided that I could fix the problem with some last minute blocking. I set it on some towels and scrunched up the ribbing and pinned it in place and let it dry over night, when i got home from school today I checked on the sweater only to find that it was still HUGE. The ribbing is stretched out, I can see every stitch (when I made it I could only see the knit stitches, which is how ribbing should look)

I made this sweater (tatania from the free patterns sections of this site) in a size medium (which i already suspected was too big for my stepmother) and now it looks like an extra large
Is there any way that i can shrink the sweater at all? get the ribbing back to its original shape?
I dont want to have to make another ribbed sweater. I hated making this one, and i dont want to start all over again and just give this one away to an obese relative.
Please help :help:

Tough one. I don’t think it will shrink back. I have not used that particular yarn but synthetics can stretch. The only thing I would suggest is on you next project to knit a swatch and wash it the way the label says and remeasure, then calculate the pattern based on a washed swatch.

Usually, acrylics will stretch when washed and shrink back when dried. I haven’t made anything with that particular yarn, so I can’t give a definitive answer. I think I’d try to wash it again and dry it on hot and see what happens.

What a bad experience. I’m sorry.:pout:

but if i dry it on hot… wont that melt the yarn?

Did you wash/dry it alone so that it was tossed around the inside of the drum? If so I’d have opted to put it in pillowcase or sweater bag so the various parts of the garment wouldn’t be stretched disproportionately.

I’ve used SS and it did tend to shrink a bit in the dryer. I put the pieces in with a large load of other wet items and took the knitted item out as soon as it felt dry (and was still very warm) being the acrylic dries up faster than the other items in the load (mostly cotton).



Unless it’s malfunctioning, a dryer won’t melt anything.

Agree with Ingrid. I’ve removed acrylics from the dryer that were extremely hot to the touch but no damage to the fibers.


I think underwear elastic would melt before acrylic, so if your underwear is all stuck together, your dryer is too hot. :teehee:

Well, I think (hope) that it’s just the water, I have made a lot of things that have stretched like this and dont seem to go back to normal until they are 100% dry. I will let it dry for a few days, if it doesnt work, then I have a few options. I could sneak sugar into my stepmother’s diet, orrrr I could make a strangely shaped afghan. I could make a new friend roughly the size of a school bus. hmm, there are many options, none of which sound very appealling, but I guess I have to choose one of them, I can’t keep blocking it forever.

This is just my first sweater, and I am a little sad that it didnt work out, especially when I had it so perfect just yesterday.

I have made many things from Simply Soft and ALWAYS dry on hot to get it to shrink back to shape.I would put it back in the dryer because it won’t shrink back up otherwise.:shrug:

I feel for you. That is really a sad thing to have happen. I knitted my mother-in-law a sweater with that yarn, but I didn’t let it come near water before I mailed it off. I don’t think my MIL has actually worn the sweater I made, although it was beautiful and should have fit her. I figure it’s the thought that counts.

On another forum I go to someone said they gave someone a sweater made of this yarn to someone who lived in a nursing home and the super hot dryers they have caused it to go totally limp. I have not made anything else of the yarn and never washed it, but I would be a little afraid of too much heat. It sounds like others have dried theirs on hot though. EEEEEE it’s scary but could be the answer.

I went and hunted up a skein band and it says “Machine Washable and Dryable” but doesn’t give what temperature they suggest. I wonder if you could contact Caron and tell they what happened and see if they give you any help.

Good luck. I sure hope it works out somehow.

I’ve made a lot of things with ss and it seems it has to be totally dry for it to go back to it’s original shape. I’d re-wash on delicate and throw it back in the dryer until it was totally dry. JMO