Help save knitty gritty!

Pardon me if there have already been posts about this and I missed it. You can read all of the details on my blog and on my very favorite yarn site, SWTC.
Okay, here’s the deal, the parent company that owns DIY that plays Knitty Gritty, Scripps has for whatever reason started playing Knitting Gritty @ odd hours, as you know, 5am EST!! and, according to the petition Scripps doesn’t want to bring it back for another season.
Okay, I was chatting with Jonelle (pres. of SWTC) and we were talking about GETTING THE WORD out and since we all know I have a big mouth I’m here to ask ya’ll to please, please…SIGN THE PETITION…you can get all of the info on my blog & SWTC (as posted above) and better yet, post it on your blog! Call them, email them; the contact info for Scripps is right here. Let them know we want our KNITTY GRITTY!
My goodness, Knitty Gritty began around the same time this forum started, about the same time I started knitting and I bet there’s not one of us that hasn’t learned something from the show and/or the hosts Vickie has on the show and/or Vickie, the knitsters, I could go on and on! I was so looking forward to the new shows, now they may never exist…unless, perhaps…WE ARE HEARD!!!
People take knitters for granted, and that is a mistake because - we are [I][B]MANY[/B][/I], we are [I][B]MIGHTY[/B][/I] and we have a [I][B]VOICE[/B][/I] and they don’t need to take us for [I][B]GRANTED[/B][/I] because we are WONDERFUL KNITTERS AND WE ARE MANY!
So, I’m here to kindly ask that you please at least sign the petition, but if you’d like to do more you can look at my blog or SWTC’s blog and see the info in the corners of the sidebars that has a pic and says “Save Knitty Gritty” or something like that. Anyway, we need to make ourselves HEARD!!! KNITTERS SO ROCK :cheering: :cheering:
TIA for reading this, you guys. I just got upset with the thought of no new seasons of Knitty Gritty and I want to see it at a reasonable hour, too!

Thank you Rebecca for posting the petition.
I have been upset that they moved it to 5 AM.
Hopefully there will be enough signitures that they
will keep the show on.

Tis signed my dear!!!:clink:

I guess I already signed it a while ago. THere are over 1500 signitures thought :cheering:

No wonder I didn’t see it on Friday at 7 am, but I signed the petition awhile back.

Signed it a while ago…

Wish we had news that they were keeping it…

I signed it! Sure hope we all make a difference.


I signed it. I love knitty gritty. I record it every day at 5 and at 5 and 7 on fridays.

I don’t have cable TV. :shrug:

But thanks to this thread I finally figured out what you all have been talking about.

I signed it! I love Knitty Gritty!

Thanks for signing everyone! The more, the better! And, if you think about it, please post about it on your blogs, mention it in emails. Do like me, put it in your sidebar, LOL!
Man, I mean, I was SO LOOKING FORWARD to the next round of shows and when I found this out I was way bummed!!! Still am and will remain so until they say that it will come back! Martha Stewart is on there now, I saw that, reruns, too, like some that are years old! I WANT MY KNITTY GRITTY!! I also enjoy their Jewelry Making show and it’s now on @ 4 a.m.!!! WHAT’S UP WITH THAT?!
LOL, I’m obviously back and LOUD and on a soapbox, LOL!
I have missed all of you guys this past most of the year that I’ve been away bc of my health. Ya’ll are a great group.

I signed it. I only wish I had expanded cable so I could watch it. It sounds like a really good show.

I signed it a while back. Sure hope it makes a difference. I love Knitty Gritty and lots of the other craft shows they used to air. My TV used to stay on DIY most of they day. Since they so drastically changed their lineup I rarely even look at it anymore. So disappointing …

I signed it! I love Knitty Gritty too!

Signed the Petition…I was wondering why it didn’t tape this week and I couldn’t find it listed in my local TV guilde.

I signed it. I was number 1925. Hope they will keep the show on at a decent hour.:clink:

Thanks Becka, whatever it takes to save KG! I just stopped getting that channel so unfortunately don’t get it all anymore but I’m happy to help save it!

I was signer #2751!! Hopes it makes a difference! I quit watching it not because of timing (I have Tivo), but because if the lack of new projects - at least what’s being broadcast in my area…

I have about 20 or so shows Tivo’d from 2 years ago – saved indefinitely. Rewatching the shows as I get more experienced with knitting, I find I pick up new things with each viewing.