Help, same shirt?

Can anyone tell if this is the same shirt? It is hard to tell if it is just tied different. I can’t imagine she would have knit two. It appears to taper down on the one posted on the designers site. I would prefer this design.

Wow, at first I thought it’s the same picture just redone with some program…wait, or is it the same :thinking: :??
I totally can’t tell. I mean the whole body/fingure gesture is the same?
But she looks thinner on one pic…
Sorry, I’m no help at all :oops:

Ok, I am confused. At first I thought they were different too… I would just e-mail Joan and ask.

It’s the same picture, it has just been doctored on the whitelies site. They “contoured” the model to make her slimmer (ick!!!), they took out the rings she wore, and they put in a dark background. It’s the magic of photoshop. If only I could figure out how to get my pictures fixed!

definitly looks the same to me. it was a bit freaky to switch between them though.

I emailed Joan. She said she didn’t like the way it was originally photgraphed and changed the photo herself to represent the way it should be worn.