Help! RSS Feed

Hi everyone. I wish everyone a happy upcoming new year this coming year.
Can someone help me understand how to view RSS Feeds?

I subscribe to some job sites with career alerts but how do i view them?

If anyone knows of any website that can help me out, that would be greatly appreciated.


I am not too saavy in that department either but Google Reader serves me pretty well.

I think you have to sign up for Google mail to use it (see, on that I’m not clear) but then you can add blogs and websites to a list and it will let you know when there is an update.

Sounds complicated. Thank your for your help Zkimom.

This video mentions several readers that are available and shows how to use one.

Thanks dmknits for your help. I checked out this video already. Grr.

Can someone help me out here? What if a website does not have the RSS feed symbol, does that mean i cannot subscribe to it.


Have a great New Year everyone.