Help! Round blanket Rays Method

Can anyone help me with the Rays Method of creating a circular blanket (or shawl). I’m following a basic pattern from “traditional Knitted Lace Shawls”, but my stitches aren’t adding up.
The pattern says:
Cast on 8 sts (that would be 2 on each DP needle)
Rnd 1: Knit
Rnd 2: *Inc 1, k1, repeat from * (this is supposed to create 16 stitches, but wouldn’t I have to increase 1 on each of the original 8 to create 16?)
Rnd 3, 4, 5, Knit (no problem!)
Rnd 6: *Inc. 2, K1, repeat from * (This is supposed to create 48 stitches, thus, 12 on each of the 4 DP needles, but by my calculations it would only put 8 stitches on each needle)

In any case, the pattern goes on like this, giving me instructions and then a total stitch count that I just can’t make work. I’m up to row 14 where I’m supposed to be increasing to 112 stitches, but I worry that I must be doing something wrong! So far I’ve just been calculating how many increases I really do need and balancing them over each side to get the correct total stitch count.

Thank you for any advise!

i don’t know but i am getting the numbers they are telling you to get.

1st needle-- Inc, Knit, Inc, Knit (and repeat for the others giving you 16 stitches)

then when you get to the next round of increases…

1st Needle-- Inc, Inc, Knit, Inc, Inc, Knit, Inc, Inc, Knit, Inc, Inc, Knit (and repeat for the others giving you 48 stitches.

I would just knit it and see how it turns out…i think that the numbers so far are correct.

I see your dilemma! I checked the book and I think they may have misprinted. I looked at the directions for other shawls and they all say to increase in both stitches or after each stitch. Either use a YO as your increase [K1, yo, K1,yo] or increase in both of the stitches, knitting into the front and back of each of the two stitches on each needle. Look also on pages 19 and 26 where it gives more suggestions for increases. Hope this helps.

Thank you so much… I love this site!!! :inlove:
I guess I was making “a common beginner mistake”.
I was thinking of the increase as being the yarn-over or the cast-on plus the original stitch that it came from (1 stitch becomes 2) where as I guess the reality is that the increase- YO or Cast on IS the Increase (0 stitches becomes 1).
Thank you again for all of you help!!!
I’m sure i’ll need more in no time at all!

Hi Coco! Happy to help. Check out the Interweave website under corrections because there are ALOT of corrections to this book. Ingrid led me to that page and it has been a Godsend! I own several of their books and am glad to know I wasn’t going crazy (well, at least not in this case :wink: ) with some of the directions.