HELP: Replacement Yarn 4 Bomull-Lin {DROPS (garnstudio) Yarn [UK]

I’m doing a UK pattern, it’s for the summer top KA but asks for UK yarn named Bomull-Lin:

It’s UK yarn and I tried yarndex, but no help, especially for a newbie :frowning:

I’ve been told not to use 100% cotton, makes sense, don’t want it to shrink and it would be too heavy. So far my thought is to use the Bernat Denim Style

Can anyone tell me if that’s a good choice? It’s 75% acryllic & 25% cotton.

The Garnstudio link to the yarn alternatives list doesn’t help at all!

     Yarn alternatives     
        Pattern 101-4 uses [B]DROPS Bomull-Lin[/B]. Here is a list over alternative yarns for this quality:     [ul]

[li] DROPS KARISMA SW - 100% Pure New Wool (50 gr.)[/li]> UK Price as of 15.06.2007 [B]£2.15[/B]
[li] DROPS MUSKAT - 100% Egyptian Merc. Cotton (50 gr.)[/li]> UK Price as of 15.06.2007 [B]£1.75[/B]
[li] DROPS MUSKAT MIX - 100% Egyptian Merc. Cotton (50 gr.)[/li]> UK Price as of 15.06.2007 [B]£1.75[/B]
[li] DROPS ANGORA-TWEED - 30% Angora, 70% Lambs Wool (50 gr.)[/li]> UK Price as of 15.06.2007 [B]£3.85[/B]
[li] DROPS MUSKAT SOFT PRINT - 100% Egyptian Merc Cotton (50 gr.)[/li]> UK Price as of 15.06.2007 [B]£2.20[/B][/ul]
Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!

I think the Bernat will be too heavy. Judging from the gauge of the yarns listed, they’re thinner. Mercandized cotton is widely available.

Actually Brown Sheep would be good, and someone just listed that it’s on sale, too.

These are other options, too.

Thanks, but that link just gave me a bunch of unrelated stuff.

I’m looking for something I can buy at a Hobby Lobby or something like that, so I can get 1 skein to try and if I like it go back for more.

The Denimstyle is a #4 (Medium) on the label.

Hobby lobby has Sinfonia, which is mercerized cotton… I don’t know what weight it is though…

lionbrand yarns

i would choose a #3 or 4 weight yarn (dk/light worsted - worsted/aran weight). lionbrands cotton ease would probably be a great choice, since it is pretty easy to find ( my michaels and joanns carry it), since it is a cotton blend, it won’t be too heavy and it’s still machine washable! HTH :mrgreen:

Yeah, I think Denimstyle would be too heavy. Sinfonia may be too thin, but CottonEase or Microspun could be all right.

The gauge for these yarns is about 21 sts x 28 rows = 4" on size 4-6 needles. Hmmmm, even CottonEase might be too heavy…

The link is for other cottons and blends that might be a better weight, some of which might be available locally.

You can try the DenimStyle, but if you get gauge your fabric might be too stiff.

[COLOR=green]This post’s Swedish word/phrase: “Garnstudion är skandinavisk” = “Garnstudio is Scandinavian”

I can’t help out with what kind of yarn you should use as a substitute to Garnstudio’s Bomull-Lin, and one that you can buy in certain stores in the US… But I can tell you about Bomull-Lin to give you an idea of the kind of yarn…

First, just let me say that Garnstudio is not UK based but Scandinavian. And Bomull-Lin translates to Cotton-Flax/Linnen. Bomull-Lin contains of 53% cotton and 47% flax/linnen. You get 85m out of a 50g skein, and the given gauge is 20st x 26rows in 4inches (knit with 4mm = US6).

The pattern gauge is 17st x 22rows in 4 inches, knit with 5.5mm = US9. So, basically, the design calls for a gauge much looser than the gauge specified on the yarn.

Sorry if you knew all this already… :flirt:

Some possibilities -

I like, but it looks a little light for the gauge.

Or you could just order the original yarn - it’s reasonably priced from Ram Wools in Winnipeg.

$6.75 USD per ball with $9.95 shipping


Even though the specified yarn isn’t in yarndex, you can plug in the gauge and get all sorts of possible substitutions. I believe you can further narrow that down to fiber, so a cotton or linen blend might pop up. You can also search by fiber and gauge at This one -
is a cotton/rayon/linen mix at only $3 per skein.