Help recreating pattern


Have a autistic sister whose favorite blanket falling a part. Can anyone figurative the pattern used? Knit or crochet?

That’s pretty. I can’t tell how it would be replicated. I understand the need to replace it. I hope someone can come up with a way to do a reasonably close reproduction at least.

This looks to me like a lace technique which was very popular in Victorian times. It’s make on a small frame and involves parallel loops of yarn connected up the middle by stitching. These lengths of loops are then connected to similar pieces to make a blanket. I’ve asked some friends for help in remembering the name which is escaping me.

ETA: I finally remembered! It’s called hairpin lace. Here’s part one of a tutorial.

Here’s one pattern for a blanket. You can join fewer or more loops for a lacier look.

Yep, it’s hairpin lace with the loops laced together, no other crochet skills required. It should be easy to fix. If you don’t have a hairpin lace loom, you can make one out of cardboard.

Thanks all. Unfortunately as it in 31+ years old and has holes I think it is beyond salvage. I found the exact pattern online and I found someone who can replicate it.