help reading this round ...

Round 1: Work 14, work 2tog, repeat * to * rib to end

anyone out there whom can help me interpreting how to knit it? I believe i need to work 14 stitches according to pattern, i work 2 together and I repeat * to * once and then continue to work rib pattern to end. Is this how you read this? thank you

Yes, but repeat the instructions within the asterisks over and over to the end of the round. It’s a way of distributing a number of decreases across the round. If your pattern has stitch numbers you’ll see those decreases.
I assume there is also an asterisk somewhere to tell you where to repeat from: For example:

Round 1: *Work14, work 2tog, repeat * to * rib to end

What pattern are you making? Can you give us a name or a link?

hi, thank you for your reply. I’m making a winter toque for a male. I’m attaching the pattern so you may see it. I was only repeating from * to * twice and then I ribbed to the end but you’re reading it to repeat to end and when you no longer can repeat form * to * I continue in rib. Is that correct. Thank you

Round 1: Work 14, work 2tog, repeat * to * rib to end

Yes, the asterisk is missing in the first 4 rounds but indicated in the directions "repeat * to * ". These are typical directions for decreasing a hat even though the decreases won’t be distributed perfectly evenly.

Please edit your post to remove all but round one. We have copyright problems when large portions of a pattern are reprinted here.