Help reading this pattern. Double Asterisk

Hi, I was hoping someone could help me. I need help in understanding the Double Asterisk use here. Many thanks.

Left Front
Shape Raglan and front edge
Row 1 (ws) Sl 1, [K1, P1] twice, P24(27,30), turn.
Row 2 K1, sl 1, K1, psso K to last 7 sts, K2tog, [P1, K1] twice, K1.
Row 3 Sl 1, K1, P1, K1, P to end.
Row 4 K1, sl 1, K1, psso K to last 5 sts, [P1, K1] twice, K1.
Row 5 Sl 1, K1, P1, K1, P to end.

** Dec one st (as set) at raglan edge in every alt row at same time dec one st at front edge (as set) in every foll 6th row to 8 sts.

Next row As row 5.
Next row As row 4. 7 sts.
Next row Sl 1, K1, P1, K1, P3 tog. 5 sts.
Next row Sl 1, K1, P1, K2. Cast off.

Welcome to KH!
Sometimes the asterisk refers to a repeat but there are usually 2 sets of asterisks and I don’t see that here. It may just be calling attention to the decreases or it may be referred to later in the pattern.

There are decreases at the raglan edge on rows 2 and 4 so you should continue decreasing on rows 6,8,10,12, etc. At the same time dec at the front edge on rows 2, 8,14, 20 etc. Continue these decreases until there are 8sts left.

What is the name of your pattern?


The only other time the Double Asterisk appears is when I join yarn to work on the other front panel.

My guess was that rows 1-5 are to be repeated keeping to the format of alt rows shown there 2/4. 2/4 etc But it looks like the alt roll would change to 2/4/1/3 in the sequence

and decreasing on foll 6th row will be when I get to previous row 3 then after set row 4 after set row 5 ?
if so do I still maintain the decrease on row 2?

I might just be overthinking it. I have done other raglans recently in parts though, it’s just this pattern at this point has me a little huh lol

Many Thanks Steve

It’s CY1287 Pato Everyday & Pato Baby DK Pretty Pocket Cardis. Cygnet.

This may be easier to see with sts on the needle. There should be a row 6 which is a RS row and is probably similar to rows 2 and 4.
I usually make a list of the absolute row numbers (e.g. 1-40) and beside it list the pattern rows numbered 1-6 and repeated as many times as it takes. Then it’s relatively easy to mark the decrease rows at either raglan or front edges or both and keep track of the correct pattern row.

Thanks Salmonmac.

I think I may see it now :slight_smile: . It seems the pattern was missing row 6.

Thanks for your help.