Help reading this pattern? decreasing

HI! I am at the end finally of my hooded cardigan. I’m at the last rows of the hood but this sounds daunting. I think I can almost figure it out, but the decreases don’t seem to add up. Here’s what it says:

[FONT=Bookman Old Style][SIZE=2]Decrease Row: (RS) Decrease 1 st each side as follows: For Right Side of Hood, work across to last 3 sts, k2tog, work 1 st; for Left Side of Hood, work 1 st, ssk, work to end – 61 sts remain each side. Work 1 (WS) row. (got that part)
[FONT=Bookman Old Style][/FONT]
[FONT=Bookman Old Style][SIZE=2]Repeat Decrease Row once, then at each center edge, BO 2 sts twice, 3 sts once, 4 sts once, and AT THE SAME TIME, at each outside edge, BO 7 sts twice, then 8 sts once. BO remaining 27 sts each side.[/SIZE][/FONT][SIZE=2]

It’s that part… bo 2 twice, 3 once 4 once at the same time doesn’t add up with bo 7 twice and 8 once.
Where do I begin my BO7? On the 2nd bo 2 twice?
Whew, is it time to get a headache yet?

And I assume I’m doing a wrong side each time just purling with no bindoffs… If you read all that and answer you are an angel.

You would begin the bo7 when you begin the “bo2 twice, 3 stitches once…” directions because you’re binding off on different sides. The bo2 twice, bo3 once, etc is done in the center (which I assume is the middle part of the hood) and the bo 7 st twice, etc is done on the outside edges.

In terms of which side you do the bindoffs on, you can only bind off stitches when you’re at the beginning of a row, so you’ll sometimes be binding off on the right side and sometimes on the wrong side.

Not sure if I helped or if I just made it more confusing! I often write out directions line by line when I’m in a situation like this one. :wink:

Oh MER! You certainly did help. I put it on hold til this morning when I could get an answer and I was afraid no one answered! I can continue now… it does make sense… thank you so much!:muah: