Help reading Pattern

Hi I’m new to knitting and need help reading my pattern. It said to cast on 68 stitches and join into rnd. Work 14 rnds. garter stitch. So is join into rnd. that just happens as I continue my gater stitch for 14 more times?

Next the pattern say Dec rnd: (K1, K2tog) around to last 2 sts, end K2tog - 45sts. So here do I( K1,K2tog) and then knit until I get to the last 2 stitches? Or do I (K1, K2tog) all the way accross.

Thanks for your help
Pat :oops:

Garter stitch in the round is knit one row, purl one row. If you knit every row when you’re in the round, you’ll end up with stockinette–just in case your pattern doesn’t tell you that.

In order to end up with 45 stitches, you’ll have to decrease all the way around. Otherwise, you’d have 66 stitches at the end instead of 45.