Help reading pattern please


Hi all,

I’m fairly new to knitting and I recently started a scarf. I wanted to clarify part of the pattern to make sure I’m not misunderstanding. After 2 setup rows you end up with 73 stitches. Then the pattern reads as follows:
Garter Rows
Row 1 (RS): k to M, m1r, SM, sl1yb, m1l, k to last 2 sts, k2tog (+1 st)
Row 2 (WS): sl1wyf, k to 1 st before M, p1, SM, k to last st, sl1wyf

Repeat Garter rows 1 & 2 until you have 30 sts on right side of marker when viewed on RS

I have a couple questions - first of all, what does the (+1 st) mean in Row 1? I tried searching the internet for it, but I can’t find anything.

Second - when she writes that you end up with 30 stitches on the right side of marker, does she mean 30 rows? Or does she mean 30 stitches on the needle? Thank you all so much!


Hi, I think the +1 means you have increased 1 st on the RS row. You make 2 increases but only decrease 1 st with the k2tog. The 1st M1r happens on the right before the marker which is most likely the increases being referred to in the pattern whereby you end up with 30 sts on the needle to the right of the marker.
Hope this helps, enjoy your knitting


Ahh, that makes sense. Thank you so much!