Help Reading Pattern on Left Sleeve

I’m using a free pattern Yarnspirations Hey Handsome Knit Cardigan by Nicole Winer. I completed the front pieces and the back no problem. I am on the left sleeve. The pattern has 6 repeat rows.R1 Starts and ends with a Knit. R2 starts and ends with a Purl. R3 and R4 are repeats of R1 and R2. R5 is the cable stitch that starts with a knit but ends with a purl. R6 is a repeat of R2 which also ends in a Purl. I have two questions. Having 3 rows that technically end in purl lease the RS of my pattern with a line. Question 2. After repeating the pattern once, i’m supposed to add a stitch at each end and continue the pattern but i’m not sure if I’m supposed to knit or purl them? and then i have to keep adding a stitch at each end until I reach 98 stitches. again not know how to deal with those extra stitches. If anyone can take a look at the pattern online and let me know I would greatly appreciate it.

This is the answer I received from the site where I downloaded the pattern, but I still don’t understand it." As you increase stitches at each end of the sleeve, you want to start working those stitches into the same repeat pattern, so every increase row is going to change the pattern at the beginning and end to reflect that. You may find it helpful to place markers on the needle between each pattern repeat so you can more easily see how the pattern should be worked to start the “new” repeats correctly."

The pattern shows the cable with p1 on either side and k4 on either side of the purls so that you have k4-p1-cable-p1-k4. You could change the end of Row 5 to knit sts instead of purl. Knit them on the odd number rows and purl them on the even rows.

The increased sts are going to become part of the pattern. Although you can work the increases as knits or purls depending on whether they are part of the cable, the purl column or the k4sts. For the cable sts, work the sts as knit sts until you have enough for the complete cable.

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Thank you. I will try that.