Help reading pattern for sleeves

I am stuck on reading this pattern. I am knitting my first sweater, it is a neck down pattern. The pattern reads "slip the sleeve sts on to 2 of the double point needles. Using a third double point need, join yarn to right edge fo armhole and pick up 8 sts across the armhole, placing a maker after 2 sts. The is the beginning of the round."
So, I have the loops on a threaded piece of scrap yarn being held there. I had casted on 6 stitches at the bottom of the armhole when I continued with the body of the sweater. I have a total of 19 sts being held. Do I divide these stitches onto the DP needles? I am so lost, I hope that my question makes some sense and someone can explain what simply do not understand.

It sounds like you put the held stitches on 2 of your dpns and pick up 8 stitches above where you cast on for the armhole.

Do you already have stitches under the arm? How many stitches are you supposed to end up with in total?