Help reading pattern for shape neck on cape

I am making the Bobble Border Cape from Rowan Designs (special edition issue six) and have made the back and working on the left front.
My first question: is the left front the left side I am looking at as if on a person, or is it my left as if I were wearing the garment?
My next question is with the pattern. It says:
Beg with a P row, cont in st st, dec 1 st at beg of 4th and 4 foll 4th rows, then on foll 13 alt rows, ending with [B]WS[/B] facing for next row. 48sts.[I]This I understand, ending so that my last row is RS and my next row would be WS- yes?[/I]
Now for the Shape Neck:
Cast off 9 sts at beg of next row. 39 sts [I](So I am casting off 9 sts on a WS row, so purling, is this correct?)[/I]
Dec. 1 st at neck edge of next 9 rows, then on roll 1 alt rows [B]and at the same time[/B] dec 1 st at side seam edge of next and every foll alt row. 23 sts.
[I]I am fairly certain that if I read the pattern correct, I would knit the next row and decrease 1 at the neck edge and then turn and immediately decrease again, this just doesn’t seem right. What am I missing here? Am I confused on my neck edges? and side seam edges?[/I]
If there is anyone would could sort through all this for me? I have never made a sweater or cape with a neck, so any help would be great!
thanks in advance!

Left front is as you’re wearing it.

When you `end with WS row’ you’ve just finished it. The next row is a RS row. You cast off the sts on the knit row, then dec at the neck edge at the end of the row, turn and yes, dec again at the beginning (neck edge) of the purl/WS row. Next row, dec at both the beginning (seam edge) and the end (neck edge) of the row. You do the neck edge decs on every row for 9 times total. You’ll do the seam edge decs on every knit row until you have 23 sts left.

Thanks! This is so helpful!